Settimana della Cultura Friulana 2023

Friulian Culture Week 2023

The Friuli Culture Week returns again this year to offer activities and initiatives to learn more about our region, its history, tradition and identity;
Identity’ is probably the word that most of all succeeds in marking out the paths that lead us, through events, appointments, visits and shows, to understand the sense of our being a community. Identity measures the combination of facts, events and situations that have made and continue to make Friuli what it is and we Friulians what we are, with good reason to recognise a particular vision of the world and of life that belongs to us; This year the Week is a celebration, as it is now in its tenth year; And we say this with pride;

Ten years of work to share a project with the territory and to consolidate an increasingly wide and strong network of relations, ten years to affirm that the fasìn di bessôi is no longer enough for us, but that we must unite to raise awareness and knowledge of the material and intangible heritage of our land; The examples that the Friulian women and men of past years and centuries have left us are also part and parcel of this heritage, examples that we must celebrate and make our own.

Event programme